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Untangling Financial Abuse for Women Escaping DV

Presented by Claire Khoury – Senior Solicitor, Financial Rights Centre and Lody Stewart – Senior Financial Counsellor, WLS NSW

This webinar explains what financial abuse is and provides information about how and where women can get help when financial abuse has occurred. It also explains what practical steps can be taken to help a woman untangle any credit, debt or insurance issues that may only have come to light after leaving a financially abusive relationship.


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Broadcast: 4 August 2021

The Intersection of DFV and Immigration issues

Presented by Jessica Schulman – Senior Solicitor, Immigration Advice and Rights Centre

This webinar provides a brief overview of the intersection between immigration and DFV – with a focus on women on temporary visas who experience DFV, and where the DFV affects their immigration status.


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Broadcast: 7 July 2021

Property Settlements and Spousal Maintenance

Presented by Rishika Rai – Senior Solicitor, WLS NSW


This webinar provides a quick guide to what your clients should think about when preparing to negotiate property settlements and spousal maintenance.


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Broadcast: 2 June 2021

The Lighthouse Project

Presented by Lisa O’Neill and Bianca Steel – Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia

The Lighthouse Project is piloting a new approach to screening for family violence and other safety risks, with a primary focus on improving outcomes for children and families involved in the family law system. The approach involves 4 stages – screening and risk assessment, triage, case management and a specialist court list. This webinar provides an overview of the project and how each stage works.

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Broadcast: 5 May 2021

Share Your Story - The Disability Royal Commission

Presented by Jacinta Harris, Solicitor – National Legal Aid

An explanation of the Royal Commission, who can make a submission and how. It shares experiences of women and girls with disability experiencing violence and looks at legal issues they face.

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Broadcast: 7 April 2021

The Interactions of AVOs and Parenting Orders

Presented by Amy Power & Rishika Pai, Solicitors – Women’s Legal Service NSW

This webinar looks at the ways in which AVOs often intersect and interact with Parenting Orders and what happens when breaches occur.


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Broadcast: 3 March 2021

Domestic Violence and Tech Abuse - the 2nd national survey

Presented by Karen Bentley, CEO – WESNET Women’s Services Network

A presentation of the findings of the second national survey into Domestic Violence and Tech Abuse 


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Broadcast: 3 February 2021

Domestic Violence and Centrelink - getting help during Covid

Presented by Donna Flood, Solicitor – Welfare Rights Centre NSW

An overview of the centrelink benefits available to survivors of DV and the changes to benefits during the Covid pandemic.


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Broadcast: 4 November 2020

Protecting Young People from Sexual Exploitation

Presented by Fern Hoang, Solicitor – Women’s Legal Service NSW

An overview of the key protections available for vulnerable young people at risk of sexual exploitation including the age of consent, consent to medical treatment, online safety and recent updates to the Crimes Amendment (Special Care Offences) Bill.

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Broadcast: 14 October 2020

Recent Changes to the Victims Support Scheme

Presented by Kellie McDonald, Senior Solicitor – Women’s Legal Service NSW

Information about the recent changes to the Victims Support Scheme and how to you can support your clients making applications. 

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Broadcast: 2 September 2020

An Overview of Modern Slavery and Anti-Trafficking Laws

Presented by Sandeep Dhillon, Lawyer – Anti Slavery Australia

An overview of modern slavery and anti-trafficking laws, and the ways in which community service workers can help people who have experienced or are at risk of modern slavery in Australia.

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Broadcast: 5 August 2020

Domestic Violence Leave under the Fair Work Act

Presented by Rosetta Lee, Solicitor – Women’s Legal Service NSW

Women’s Legal Service NSW provides an overview of Domestic Violence Leave  under the Fair Work Act 2009, and looks at how to support casual and permanent employees.


Broadcast: 1 July 2020
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