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Understanding the work of the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services (WDVCASs)

Presented by: Dr Bridget Mottram – Senior Policy Officer – WDVCAS Program, DV NSW

Domestic Violence NSW will join us to explain the Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services, what they do, how they fit into the larger Safer Pathway structure, their relationships with the court, police, and other services, and how people can help their clients access their services.

Broadcast: 15 March 2023

Legal options for survivors of childhood sexual abuse

Presented by: Emily Hirst-Johnson, Lawyer and Alexis Polidano, Senior Lawyer, Knowmore 

In this presentation lawyers from Knowmore Legal Service explain the legal options available to survivors of child sexual abuse to receive compensation or redress. The presentation covers the Natioanl Redress Shceme, Victims Services and civil claims. 

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Broadcast: 8 February 2023

Beyond Employment: Sexual Harassment in Everyday Life

Presented by: Fiona Duane – Solicitor, Sexual Harassment Legal Service, Kingsford Legal Centre Arden Hechenberger and Alice Loveday – Students, Kingsford Legal Centre

We often discuss sexual harassment in the context of employment and within the workplace. This Ask Lois seminar will consider the other situations in which sexual harassment can occur, including schools, universities and in the provisions of goods and services.

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Broadcast: 2 November 2022

Subpoenas and Record Keeping

Presented by: Kellie McDonald – Senior Solicitor, Women’s Legal Service NSW

Are you worried about what to do if you receive a subpoena? Learn about how to prepare for, and respond to, subpoenas.

Broadcast: 12 October 2022

A conversation about coercive control.

Presented by: Rosetta Lee – Solicitor, Women’s Legal Service NSW

This webinar looks at what coercive control is and the ways in which it is relevant to legal issues, particularly in relation to ADVOs and fears of the victim. There is some focus on how and what to ask clients about coercive control, as well as how to document it including some file-noting tips for community workers. This webinar also discusses how coercive control is about context and culture.

Broadcast: 7 September 2022

What happens when solicitors and social workers team up?

Presented by: Gab Craig – Assistant Principal Solicitor, Women’s Legal Service NSW

There are many benefits to solicitors and social workers working together, particularly when both are operating in-house to support the same client. 

This webinar explores the legal, professional and ethical duties of each role and how they interact. 


Broadcast: 3 August 2022

My Family and My Work – discrimination law and protections in the Fair Work Act.

Presented by: Ruby Catsanos – Solicitor, Working Women’s Legal Service NSW

Women often face difficulties at work as a result of pregnancy, breast-feeding, parental or carer responsibilities. This webinar looks at gender-based and family-focussed discriminations in the workplace and what protections are in place in the Fair Work Act. It also looks at the overlaps between the Fair Work Act and discrimination legislation.


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Broadcast: 6 July 2022

The new affirmative consent laws – what do they really mean?

Presented by: Liz Snell – Law Reform and Policy Coordinator and Anna Blacket – Solicitor, Women’s Legal Service NSW

The Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Consent Reforms) Bill 2021 has been passed by the NSW Parliament and will take effect on proclamation (as of 1st June 2022). This webinar will explain what the introduction of ‘affirmative consent’ really means. We will look at the history behind the amendments, how they may affect sexual assault reporting, as well as influence cultural change in responding to sexual assault.


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Broadcast: 6 June 2022

Domestic Violence and Housing

Presented by: Kellie McDonald – Senior Solicitor and Lody Stewart – Financial Counsellor, Women’s Legal Service NSW

In this webinar, our WLS solicitor and financial counsellor will be talking about the legal and financial options for women experiencing DV who want to either stay or leave the home they own or rent. 


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Broadcast: 4 May 2022

The Factors in Parenting Disputes about Covid-19 Vaccination of Children

Presented by: Amy Power and Madeleine Causbrook – Solicitors, Women’s Legal Service NSW


Since January this year, children aged five to 11 years of age have been eligible to receive a free COVID-19 vaccination. For some parents, this presents unique issues for their parenting arrangement. At this AskLois seminar we will be discussing the issue of COVID-19 vaccination of children in parenting arrangements, and key factors for parents to consider in disputes about whether or not to vaccinate their child.

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Broadcast: 6 April 2022

International Parental Child Abduction

Presented by: Belinda Li, Acting Managing Lawyer, ISS Australia Kay Hardefeldt, Manager, ISS Australia – International Parental Child Abduction Social Work Service

Issues International parental abduction (IPCA) occurs when either parent decides to remove their child from Australia without the other parent’s consent, or refuses to return their child to Australia after an agreed period overseas (such as a holiday). 

This webinar looks at how to recognise IPCA; remedies under the 1980 Hague Convention; and legal and social work support offered to families experiencing IPCA. 

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Broadcast: 2 March 2022

Understanding Your Rights at Work

Presented by: Lucy Carroll, Head of Employment Law Service,  Marrickville Legal Centre

Issues in the workplace can often be overlooked as part of ‘working together’, however this is often not the case. The Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) provides a number of protections for workers, which ensure that employees are not taken advantage of in the workplace.

This webinar discusses: how to recognise issues in the workplace; what an underpayment can look like; what bullying and harassment in the workplace can look like; what rights an employee has in the workplace; how to enforce those rights; and the intersection between employment law and other areas of law such as immigration and tenancy.

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Broadcast: 2 February 2022
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